Monday, 17 April 2017

The work continues

Part of my efforts yesterday concluded with a large pile of brush beside the drive.  It was to say the least unsightly and inconvenient so job #1 today was to remove it.  Here is the first load ready to roll.
 Rather than go to the tip at Bungendore  I decided to go a somewhat shorter distance to an erosion gully in the top of the block.  The trailer is empty, the gully less so.
 After 3 loads the gully is rather more full.  This will hopefully reduce erosion and provide some nice habitat for resting reptiles and possibly little birds (to the extent that they compatible).
A Pajero is useful for things other than towing a trailer.  Some of the Photinia look very unlikely to rejuvenate and would be a bugger to dig out.  A length of rope and steady acceleration do a better job.  (For subsequent efforts 4WD prevented the wheelspin!)
 This also gave a nice hole ...
 .. into which a Callistemon (I think) fitted nicely.
Other holes were created down the drive and filled with Eucalyptus pauciflora (Snow Gum)  or E. stellulata (Black Sallee).
 The brickie's hammer in action digging the small hole.
 As an aside I needed to use my drill to reattach the number plate to the trailer.  Look what I found sitting on top of the drill bag!  It was completely torpid but moved a little when I took it out intothe sunshine.

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