Sunday, 30 April 2017

A look down at Foxlow Lagoon

As it was a nice sunny day and there was no wind I thought I'd finish my birding for April with a look down into Foxlow Lagoon.

There was quite a lot of water in the Lagoon (more than when I last looked, at the start of the month. There were also quite a few common waterbirds, but as the sunlight was reflecting off the water it was very hard to pick up detail.  So largely estimated numbers.

Land birds were easier to get a good look at and also a little more exciting.  Bird of the Day was Southern Whiteface: not the most excitingly coloured bird (basically small and brown, with a dob of white on the face) but quite nusual in the Carwoola area.  There were at least four present muddled in with a mixed flock including Yellow-rumped Thornbill, Australasian Pipit, Diamond Firetail, Willie Wagtail  and Flame Robins.

The only one of those I managed to get a snap of was a female Flame Robin.
 There were a couple of the more spectacular (OK, simply spectacular) males present but they were either flighty or hid behind fence posts so no photo.

Welcome Swallows were more cooperative.
 Indeed while I walked a few metres down the road to investigate the Whiteface situation theyproved why roof rails are a Good Thing.  Note that on this trip I did not hit a single Cassowary.
 This is a snip from the previous photo as I thought the flight shot was rather spiffy.
 The roadside veg here is snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora).  The new growth was very attractive - I'm glad we have planted a few as part of our recovery effort.

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