Thursday, 6 April 2017

After the horse has bolted

A common comment amongst Carwoola residents is that "something" must be done about the paddocks full of Kunzea ericoides (ake Burgan or - in local Brigade terms "Petrol Bush").

One of our paddocks was well endowed with this stuff and we will be taking stern measures (eg slashing) with some of it later on.  However I decided to make a start by putting a decent firebreak along a fence line before it really starts sprouting.  I used traditional technology:
 This is a shot before I started to wield the axe.
 And another.
What makes this such a cramp is that the shrubs are not only multi-stemmed but they also layer themselves when they touch the ground.  (I'm reluctant to call what we have here soil.)
Some of the rotten stuff is already sprouting!  That one got bonsaied with extreme prejudice.
 The Acacia dealbata seedlings were spared at least for the time being.
 After about 45 minutes of solid sweating here in the result.
Taking a grab from Google Earth the red line shows the fence line I'm working along and the rectangle my best guess at what I achieved today.

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