Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Acacias get in on the act

I have banged on a bit about the epicormic growth on the Eucalypts in our area since the fire.
However this afternoon I noticed what seems to be epicormic growth on some Acacias which surprises me more than somewhat. It doesn't seem to be as high a proportion of trees/shrubs as with the eucs but (assuming I have understood what is going on correctly) it is evident in at least 4 species.

I am now even less confident that this is epicormic growth.  On looking closely at an Acacia dealbata it appeared that all the sprouts were coming out of axils (ie where twigs join branches) rather than free-standing buds as is the case with epicormic growth,  It is currently raining, but when it stops I will revisit the sprouts.

The images are:
 A. dealbata; 

A. pravissima  

A. falicformis.  

and A. rubida 
Not all Acacias are sprouting.  A row of Acacia pravissima beside our drive took the full brunt of the fire and were incinerated.  No epicormic growth there!
 However, on looking down, under the trees ...
As our neighbour Michaela says "Nature finds a way".

I was in this part of the block (which we used to refer to as the Bald Hill, because it had been grazed to bedrock) planting some more of our trees.  To give them some protection I put a fence  around them.
I have put red dots on the top of the fence posts.  Looking at the full sized picture, it is obvious that as a fencing contractor, I'd make a pretty fair bird-watcher.

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