Saturday, 22 April 2017

Some assembly required.....

This extract from a Bloom County cartoon gives the background to the title.
 Such instruction is of course meat and potatoes to Ikea shoppers.  I recall spending a morning in New York building furniture from flatpacks until the person in the apartment below objected - quite reasonably - to the constant tapping of the hammer.  The item covered by this post was from Aldi rather than Ikea, and came in a cuboid rather than flatpack.
 Here is the list of parts!
Here they are out of the pack and ready for assembly.  It was a bit of a surprise to find them to be plastic rather than metal but it seems to work OK
 Halfway there!
 Given that I have 5 (~85%) of the 6 surfaces complete an inexperienced assembler might wonder about the use of the word 'half'.  Building the doors was a major task, not least because each of the 4 panels had two hinges with two screws.  Because the basic material is plastic the instructions prohibit use of drills to drive them - I ended with a nice blister from the handle of the screwdriver!
Here is the finished article: building the first one took close to 2 hours, and the second about 1 hour largely because I knew how to follow the instructions.
 I had planned to use a junior assistant but she was busy decorating the empty carton of cupboard 1.
 A bit later she converted the second carton to a car - or possibly chariot, with herself channeling Charlton Heston and wombats positioned to provide the horse-power.

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