Sunday, 2 April 2017

From Kelly's and the Poo-pits

Having some time to spare and a telescope what else could one do but go to Fyshwick?

On arrival at Kelly's Swamp I took myself to Ardea hide and was peering at the birds when something caused me to look out the door.  There was a fox, looking at the car park!  By the time I had swung the camera into action all I got was the tip of its brush.
 Shortly thereafter a/the fox appeared on the Painted Snipe Island, looking in fine condition.
 The waterfowl appeared strangely nonchalant about this predator being present.
The white arrows show what I think was Reynard's route.  The fowl on the log didn't bat an eyelid: how big are bird's brains?
 Not very big, judging by this Ibis'choice of perch.  Shortly after I took the snap, that is what happened, loudly, to the branch it had selected.  Exit one honking Ibis!
 After prowling around Kellys for a while I took myself over to the road beside the poo-pits.  Despite the efforts of Icon Water to exclude birders, it is now possible to get a fair view of 4 of the ponds from this position.

There were many coot and good numbers of both Pink-eared Ducks and Masked Lapwings.  Bird of the Day was this Buff-banded Rail seen on the far side of the biggest pond.  A crappy photo but it does confirm the sighting.
 I was intrigued how well the trees cut down by Icon Water are regrowing.
There is of course no sign of the bird-watching platform promised when they excluded birders from the site.  That was obviously Fake News.

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