Monday, 10 April 2017

Better than last time!

We are visiting Mallacoota again.  The title of this post refers to how I am feeling on this trip, compared to our previous visit which started a couple of days after the fire.  This time I felt very good on the trip down even thought the weather was other than bodacious.  This image was taken somewhere near Nimmitabel.
 This one was a tad further down the road.
Nearly everyone had their lights on which was very sensible in the conditions.  The traffic was quite heavy until we turned off to Bombala, with a lot of caravans.  I wondered if this was the snowbirds starting their migration, although I think I wouldn't be going to Queensland or Northern NSW  until things had dried out a bit.

By the time we got past Bombala the sky had cleared up nicely.
All was good as we did the remaining stretch and the trip took just about 4:30 including a diesel stop.

A strange event occurred as we unpacked. I used the khazi and glancing into the bowl afterwards, to check it was empty, I was astonished to see a frog in there.  It went round the bend and presumably will next be seen when I visit the poo pits.  Shortly after this Frances squeaked after finding a small skink in the hall.  I placed a bowl over it and a sheet of paper under it and relocated it to the garden
 The tail was not that blunt before I placed the bowl over it, as the tip of the tail got knocked off, and lay on the floor, wriggling!  I have heard of this happening (a distraction for predators, if not bowl wielding humans) but had never seen it before.

We then went for a walk.  An indication of my feeling better was that I was taking an interest in the birdlife.  (Actually it's more an indication of how bad I felt last time when I wasn't looking at the birds.)  A pelican posed artistically.
This is a very bad photograph but is included to remind me of seeing a flock of about 40 Cattle Egrets on Goat Island.  I think I have seen these (with cattle) at Genoa but not previously in the town area.
 Back at the ranch a Whistling Kite and White-headed pigeon posed in a tree below the garden.
The grass in the lawn wasn't quite high enough to appear in this image, but having found 62 mm in the gauge, and the weather being mild, the grass has become greener on this side of the fence.  That will be remedied shortly.

A tad more rain fell and then cleared to give this odd rainbow effect.

 The rainbow (rainblob?) effect disappeared after a while but then returned with some clouds.

 This shows the overall scene, with a weakening rainblob just visible.

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