Saturday, 15 April 2017

Celestial bodies

For the first time on this trip Mallacoota delivered a sunrise on the 14th.

The black dot just above the trees is a Whistling Kite rather than a boat in the water (or crud on the lens).

A couple of Welcome Swallows posed artistically on the anchor which hangs above the garage.  I couldn't get an uninterrupted image of both, but here is one of them.
 A koala appeared for the 4th day in a row.  The somewhat inelegant pose is due to just having stopped scratching its ear!  Later in the day it became hyperactive (for a diurnal koala) in that it changes branches in the tree.
 We did a few short walks in the afternoon.  On the Powerlines Track there was a lot of Epacris impressa in flower.  On the slightly higher bit of the track they were nearly all this red form, while closer to Genoa Rd the pink form was most common.
 For some reason when we got to this point we emulated Mr Whittington: Perhaps we'll get appointed Lord Mayor of somewhere, although we didn't need ringing bells to come to a conclusion.
Some Acacia was kind enough to flower out in the heathy bit under the power line so got rewarded with an image.
Some of the trees in the forest beside the track are pretty impressive.  As it isn't in flower I suspect this is a eucalypt rather than an Angophora.
 On the subject of trees, this one grows out of a cliff at Quarry Beach.
Frances has just done a course in Chinese landscape painting where everything is symbolic.  She reckons this tree should be a symbol of determination: clinging to a rock face totally exposed to the gales and salt spray from the ocean.

Here is part of the rock face!
 And here is the ocean - a good bit calmer than it has been for the past few days.
An ant wandered by: I was taken by the length of its back legs.
 About 20:30 I was back where I started: on the deck photographing the inlet and the sky above it.
Using the Scene:nightshot mode on my camera did good stuff.

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