Saturday, 26 September 2015

Spring hits its straps in Carwoola

The Leucopogon fletcheri is is full flower now, forming drifts on the un-Kunzead slopes of our block.
In the cleared areas Early Nancys (Wurmbea dioica) have formed carpets.  Looking at the swollen gynaecia on this stalk of flowers they are getting close to the end of their cycle.
As noted, the little blue orchids (Cyanicula caerulens) have done their dash,  However the big mauve ones Glossodia major are taking up the slack.
I have struck out the "scientific names" for these two species of orchids because no one seems willing to make an authoritative statement as to what is which, so I'm sticking with what I can see.  (Of course, they don't concern themselves with vernacular  names, so there isn't a good set of them.)  If the scientists stop behaving like preschoolers perhaps I will revisit this situation.

I am monitoring the display of big mauve ones as I did last year.  That will result in a post in about 3 weeks time when they retire for the year.  On the way back from the count on 28 September I came across a small pink jobbie.
Several other families are also getting in on the act.

Representing the bean family (Fabaceae) we have Pultenaea procumbens and ...
 ... Bossiaea buxifolia.
 And in the pure yellow corner from the Asteraceae a daisy/aster in the form of Microseris lanceolata.


Ian Fraser said...

My goodness you really do have it in for the poor jobbing taxonomists! I actually find it quite refreshing that botanical taxonomy is so democratic that people can have their own opinions on delineating taxa. It's not as if the distinctions between genera and subgenera are facts of nature - such things are ultimately human conceits. If nothing changed in taxonomy - or in any other science - it would just mean we'd stopped learning anything new. HOwever, that's just me and I don't for a moment imagine I'll be changing your opinions on this one. Meantime, enjoy spring - that's the really important thing!

Flabmeister said...

I shall try to compose a post to explain my position more fully. It might take a little time to organise the many things that annoy about this 'profession'.

In essence I disagree with your view that this is democracy. It is more like theocracy with sundry high-priests galloping around waving their DNA sequencers while proselytising their flavour of Holy Writ and trying to impose it on others to the exclusion of any other interpretations. (I think it is the imposition on others that really gets me going: I certainly recognise the right to talk bullshit and, as you would recognise, occasionally have a dabble in that direction myself.)

That view is reinforced by the way the arcana are hidden behind a veil of jargon such that mortals cannot argue with the eminent holders of the many golden keys!