Tuesday, 1 September 2015

August 2015 updates

I hope you like this shot of sunrise on 5 August! 
I thought the sunrise brilliant, and the image  'OK' at the time  but 
really rate it highly now!

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  • The battle with Australia Post has continued.   There are a few updates on  that post.  I will note here that when I exchanged comments about AP with a merchant about to send me some stuff he said "AP are hopeless but at least consistent.  The private sector couriers are are just as hopeless, but erratic."  About a month later someone from Melbourne sent me something by courier.  It didn't turn up and was eventually discovered in Newcastle (fortunately NSW not UK) and got here 10 days late!
  • Some additional Stella coverage has been added.
  • Commentary on a Tawny Frogmouth has been added to the Campbell Park post.

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