Friday, 11 September 2015

Humans need Frontline too!

The title refers to me feeling a bit strange in the ear department in the middle of the night while we were at Bermagui.  As I wandered to the khazi I scratched the ear and something came loose.  On getting to the Palace of Porcelain I examined that which I had displaced.  A damn tick! No wonder my ear felt strange.

With that problem solved I went back to sleep, logging a plan to check the small dog closely when daylight arrives.  I did, and despite her being much closer to the vegetation she was clear.

Here is the lovely view in the morning.
After breaking our fast we packed up and went off to Long Swamp.  The idea here was that Frances would go on to the beach and walk South while I would parallel her course through the dog-prohibited Nature Reserve.  This is a view of the Swamp through some vegtation.
This was the third time we have been t the area and there are always a heap of cormorants perched on these poles.  Musk Ducks were in the body of the Swamp but surprisingly few other waterfowl.
There were quite a few plants in flower.  Pigface is always evident, and as such often overlooked,  Its also pretty gaudy, another reason for overlooking it!
Much of the Banksia marginata had reached its use-by date but this was a late starter.
A Leucopogon sp.
Kennedia rubicunda, which has the common name of running postman.  These days that would be more appropriate if it was fluoro yellow (and posties ride motorbikes rather than run).
A Prostanthera sp.
Some pretty shells.  There was a good crop of shells washed up on the beach, but we didn't collect any as they would just be more 'stuff' around the house.
The cliffs were very colourful, as they are just South of the town giving the name to Mimosa Rocks National Park.  I suspect, from a page about the area's geology, that they are Rhyolite

On the way home we had intended to drop in at a boardwalk in North Batemans Bay, but was overtly canophobic so we said bugger it and headed for home.

As luck would have it, as we swung across the Princes Hwy heading for the Clyde, Mr Plod in a Landcruiser was behind us. Speed limits were rigorously followed, making for a very slow trip.  Several kilometres up the mountain a woman was pulled over looking to be in need of assistance.  A kind Mr Plod swung in to assist so we were able to drive to the conditions rather than a desire not to have our visas checked.

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