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August 2015 weather

In official terms August is the 3rd month of Winter.  According to the Canberra Times it was a very cold and wet three months. I'll start with a few images that seem to support that view.

Verga on 24 August, looking to the East from the top of the block during our morning walk.

The 25th of August was seriously unpleasant weather.  Cool, cloudy, showers and wind.  Here are a couple of radar images.  First a Doppler wind image: the dark streaks to the West of Carwoola suggest the wind is gusting at over 100kph on the western side of the ranges.
We only scored 3.4mm of rain that day but the image below shows it bucketing down towards the coast.  The yellow patch was there most of the day.

Rain (or rather Precipitation)

I have suggested precipitation as a heading as we got snow on 12 August.  By 1315 that was well into settling and the temperature had dropped to 1.1oC!  The passage of that event is shown best by a temperature chart.

Here is the overall comment on precipitation.
We ended up with our highest ever August rainfall of 76mm.  That is the third month this year in which have set new records.  here were significant falls on 4 days, spread through the month (mainly on Wednesdays to muck up the ANPS WWs).


 The bottom of the green lines shows the minima and they are steadily below freezing apart from the very warm patch 22 to 26 August.

We had 6 days with a maximum below 10oC, the lowest at 6.9oC.  3 days staggered through 15oC on one occasion reaching the giddy heights of 19oC.  The average maximum temperature was a little lower than the 3 years average.
There were 20 frosts with 19 of them being below 0oC.  In contrast there were 5 days in the "warm patch" referred to above where the minimum exceeded 5oC.  This had the effect of boosting the average minimum (just) into positive territory.


Quite a moist month.
Taking a longer view, it was above the three year average value but slightly less than the other two months of Winter,


The month was a fair bit draughtier than other recent months with an average gust of 7.24 kph.  However this is probably just getting back to the "normal' values.

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