Sunday, 13 September 2015

A Spring Day in Carwoola

Today (13/9)  was planned to be a Spring Day in Penrith twitching a Grey-headed Plover.  Unfortunately it turns out that the site concerned (Penrith Lakes) is officially closed to allow the horny sons of toil to set up for a headbanger festival next weekend.  Note that like many DAFt things - wooden shoes being an obvious example - it started in the country North of Belgium.

While some folk had been allowed on to the site I wasn't prepared to spend 6 hours driving to find that some Jobsworth OHAS goose blocked me from seeing the bird.  As I was taking the Jetta which doesn't have a bullbar some alternate access options were less readily available.  So I stayed home.  (Finishing this off, I note that there are no reports from the site for 13 September: either the eBird database is slower than usual to update - it wasn't for the birds I saw this morning - or the Penrith site was seriously shut today.)

Whatever, it was a lovely morning for a walk.
Back home the Acacia pravissima has started to hit its straps.
Here is a mixture shot, with some daffodils, Acacia and plum blossom.
You want more plum blossom?
Here is plum blossom with a bee in attendance. (I am unsure what the bees do on these trees as I have never seen a fruit on them.)
Almond blossom!
The Hellebores beside the drive are in full array now.
This is our half weeded onion patch.  (No petunias were evident although a volunteer lettuce was found as we finished the job off.)
Further up the block, Leucopogon fletcheri was in full bloom.

So was this, which I believe to be L. fraseri,
A Striated Pardalote spent a fair proportion of the morning calling loudly beside my tool shed.

The lower bird is a Wedge-tailed Eagle. The higher one is an Australian Magpie, about to attack the eagle.
I have added this on later (from 14/9) as it is a Spring thing.  Specifically a moth on our window one evening - I think a member of the family Geometridae.
Note the fringe on the trailing edge of the wings.

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