Monday, 28 September 2015

A few exotics from the garden

Some friends have surrendered their house to the ACT Government under the Mr Fluffy scheme. It is thus likely that the entire block will be graded to bedrock and their entire garden trashed.  Thus, before they moved out they invited friends and acquaintances to remove what they fancied from the garden.  We took a couple of boot loads of stuff.  Some of it hasn't survived my gentle ministrations but overall it is doing well.

I have been very surprised by the pretty flowers on the Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium).
The blueish berries will be a bonus later in the year.

The other real exotic, which was a surpise last year, is a Euphorbia (possibly E. wulfenii).

My previous encounters with this genus were in Tanzania, where they were more like moderate sized trees.  This one, a different and unknown to me species, was at Seronera Lodge in the Serengeti.
Slightly less uncommon, but really no less exotic to the Australian context, are the following 'pretties':

 Tulip 1
 Tulip 2
Our Wistaria has also bloomed - just in time to get beaten up by a hail storm.  I got a snap before that!

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