Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Another one bites the dust

When Rasputin, the original Mad Monk, was murdered it took cyanide, several shots and finally being put into a freezing river to finish him off.

One of Tony Abbott's political opponents (from the Labour Party not those within the Liberal Party) labelled him as a Mad Monk, in honour of his time in a seminary.  In this case, the Monk was finished with a simple vote in the Liberal Party Room.  So much less wasteful than the Russian example.

An article about Abbott included "Mr Abbott is a kind and decent man with a keen intellect  ..."  I  disagree with just about every word in the phrase.  The article goes on to say
Mr Abbott is guided by Christ's distillation of the law: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Tony is driven by a parody of that dictum coined by another Catholic politician, James Curley, the three-time Boston mayor: "Do others, or they will do you." 
They have now done him.

If we were to follow Frankie Howard's dictum to not "laugh at the afflicted 'cos its not nice" one wouldn't gloat at the former PMs misfortune.  The heck with Frankie's words:
Abbott is gone and bloody good riddance,  
Hopefully he has taken a few others with him including particularly Peter Dutton, Eric Abetz and George Brandis.  No such luck regarding Senator Cory Bernardi: he got re-elected in 2013 so will hang around expressing his views and drawing a salary on the public purse for another 4 years.

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