Saturday, 2 May 2015

Private Eye's next headline

After the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to Prince George The Eye had a headline "Woman gives birth to boy".  As herself has now had a daughter (well done and best wishes to all concerned) I presume the headline next week will be "Woman does it again".

Here are some typical (especially the horizontal one) monarchists celebrating the event.
Frances and I  have discussed the likely names.  I offered "Mary" with Jane as a wild option.  Frances suggested "Margaret" - surely a strong contender - with Eleanor and Charlotte as contenders.  I suspect there will be enough folk in the Palace with Rugby Song connections to rule out Charlotte (if you are curious Google will answer - but Angry of Mayfair would not be happy)..

Despite my cultural sensitivity, apparently the cowboys favourite is still the bookies preferred name.  Look forward 15 years to headlines about Princess Cowpuncher!

Stone the crows Mr and Mrs Wales went for the bookies favourite.  Here is a link to that which they have condemned herself.

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