Sunday, 3 May 2015

A break of 40 years

We began with a longer walk in the National Park, looking for Orchids.  We didn't find any.
 We began with a longer walk in the National Park, starting along the lake where we saw this guy getting monstered by waterfowl.
 We then went looking for Orchids.  We didn't find any.  There were a few Astroloma humifusum ...
... but that was about it for flowers.  Birds were a bit better including this crestrisen Galah.
While Frances did sister I went down to Maslins Beach looking for Elegant Parrots.  The place was devoid of birds except sparrows and skylarks.
I then took myself to the mouth of the Onkaparinga River and had quite an enjoyable time.  This well graffitti'd shelter earnt itself a portrait.
The area generally seemed popular with families - why weren't the kids in school?  After logging some Stilts and other waterbirds it was nice to track 5 White-fronted Chats for BirdaDay
I wanted a shot of the pink eucalypt blossom and decided to include a Rainbow Lorikeet as well.

At Port Noarlunga these artworks were similar to the Pukumani poles from the Tiwi Islands (except at the other end of the country and made from stone not Eucalypts, 
Also, the designs are inlaid stone, not ochre painting.
I spent many hours throwing pilchards off this jetty, hoping to catch a salmon.  Failed.
Back at Marino I noticed these locks.  Apparently it is a new custom for betrowthal.
In the evening we went round to the house of a friend from 40 years ago for dinner with a few others from that era.  A most enjoyable evening.

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