Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fungi Phinally Pheature

Despite some periods of dampness the past year has been very light on for fungi in this area.  So it was pleasing to note some Slippery Jack (Sullius luteus) appearing on our side of the fence near some pine trees next door.
 Here is the underside of the fruiting body, confirming that it is a bolete.
This appears to confirm that they are edible by "something": take your pick between Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Swamp Wallaby or Rabbit!
 I went to check a few other areas where this species has grown in the past and found this nicely formed example of Amanita muscaria instead.  Again under pine trees.
 Obviously they have been fruiting for a while, judging by the decrepid condition of these examples.
 This was the biggest one I found: my size 10 is there to give a scale.
I thought it might be useful to show roughly where, relative to our house,  the various specimens were found.
The yellow lines are the Sullius and the red lines the Amanita.

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