Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Breakout Creek

The day began with a stroll around Playford Lake.
A fair number of common waterfowl have taken up residence of the lake, including some Mallards, of which a few had this weird growth of feathers on the nape.  Presmably it indicates something odd going on with their genes.
Once the routine was fixed we headed off into the city, where Frances had some shopping in mind at the Central Market.  As small dogs are not welcomed there I took Tammy for an explore of the West End Cemetery.  This first image could be termed the typical view of the place.
I spent some time looking at these headstones, trying to work out the genealogy involved.  My conclusion was that my life was too short to work out who was missing!
For some reason one area was mainly occupied by shiny black marble monuments, with the names looking to indicate Italian ancestry.  Other areas weer covered with Cyrillic script and several adjoing graves bearing the Star of David indicated a post mortem ghetto.
While not as big as Arlington, the AIF section was quite impressive.
This stone was one of the few with a tribute in place (a tad surprising considering the closeness to ANZAC Day) and then I noticed that it was the grave of a holder of a VC.  Here is his story.
This rather unusual plot is of a prominent farmer.  The rocks and branch were collected from the farm - I am surprised that the operators of the Cemetery allowed such untidiness but commend them for doing so!
This is the grave of Henry Ayers, a Premier of South Australia and the person after whom Ayers Rock was named.  Quite a few of the graves had small plaques giving a biography of the departed.
Frances and I then went for a stroll along the Torrens Outlet Canal (also known in part as Breakout Creek).  This has been very nicely made into a linear park with a few hoss paddox and some areas restored to 'original' form.  A very pleasant way of occupying a couple of hours.
While Frances did some sister-business I went to explore the birdlife of the Glenelg area.  My hope was to find a crop of cormorants on the breakwater.  Alas this wasn't available, but a Pacific Gull was nearby, making a good addition to my year list.
It being Autumn there were fruits around as well as flowers and buds.
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