Monday, 4 May 2015

May we break your Hill?

No. it is already Broken Hill!

We woke reasonably early - thanks mainly to a foul barking dog in a nearby property - and took Tammy for a walk to the Murrumbidgee River before heading off.
This blaze on one of the River Red Gums is obviously a survey marker.  I've no idea what '05' refers to.
So went through Balranald (filling up with diesel as we were still copping a headwind and I didn't like our chances of making it another 200km to Wentworth).  Still many Emus around beside the road.  As we neared Euston a caravan in front was dropping liquid so I passed and flagged them down.  The driver said "Ï wondered when someone would bail me up to tell me." Apparently he'd filled up his van's water tank and then found the water there was full of sand so he was draining it as he went.

Whatever.  Through Wentworth and on towards Broken Hill.  A student of arithmetic will realise this is about 265kms.  There is not a town along the way, and the only house I noticed was a petrol station about half way.
The road was straight, and it wasn't raining.
There seems to be a bee problem at Popiltah: I have never seen such signs before.
The Yellow-throated Miners didn't seem to be reducing the bee population
The Lake itself was very dry.
At one point I commented that I was surprised we hadn't seen any goats.  That was the signal for them to appear in large numbers for about 40km.  After that they vanished again (although a few more were found the next day) and the vegetation improved.
We passed through Broken Hill going to Silverton where we intended to camp.  However the campground appeared chaotic (with powered sites few and far between - and mainly close to potentially noisy community facilities) and basically bare dirt.  I can see why they filmed Mad Max here - fits the local character - and they have a museum to celebrate it!
This is an old ruin - the place is described on Google Maps as a ghost town.
They do have a War Memorial.
They also have a camel ...
Here is a Broken Hill sunset.

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