Monday, 4 May 2015

A good break

We got to Broken Hill and broke our trip there.  The sun rose!
We started by going to the Visitors Centre (VC) where Frances got some service after I had walked out after the female on duty had ignored me (and I hadn't even commented on her being overweight and old).  We decided to do the core of the historic walk.

This is right opposite the VC.  The shafthead is a reproduction - even BH doesn't have mines in the main street
Another view of the same area.  I think the white stuff is a representation of a mineral crystal while the black art is a tribute to Pro Harts ant images.
More mining stuff.
These heads are of the Syndicate of Seven - I didn't get them all in - who originally got the mineral lease for the lode that founded the City (and much of Australia's wealth).
A mural with a few images of notable Australians linked to the Hill.
Some public art: the accompanying text was pretty toxic!
An old pub, converted to a community health centre.
The town hall.
A garden bed wreath of poppies ...
.. actually made by knitting with buttons as the gynaecuium.
It being just after ANZAC Day there were wreaths onb the War Memorial.  I liked this one from the Aboriginal community inthe colours of their flag.
Here is the Miners Memorial from the town: I find it most appropriate the way it looms over the CBD.
Frances found a good birding site outside the S BH sewage ponds when she chatted at the Visitors Centre.  A small dog found the only muddy puddle for 200km in any direction!
Saltbush flowers.
Ruby saltbush flowers close up ...
.. and not so close.
Here is Old Man Saltbush.  Do you get the feeling that saltbush is the dominant veghetation around here?
Here is the puddle.  I reckon the local trail bike and 4x4 hoons have contributed to to this.
The city from the Miners Memorial.
A couple of views of the memorial.

There were some flowering Eucalypts in the area.
I think this is a Wallaroo (Macropus robustus) joey.  I also think it defines cute!
A Mistletoe growing in an acacia.  I need to do some work to give the Latin: I will say Lysiana sp as a first guess.
A goat on a rock!
Some of the sandstone sculptures.  They are beginning to weather which IMHO adds to the interest of looking at them.
The nest of a processionary caterpillar (thanks Roger Farrow for the ID). The body of the nest looked like dirt, but is apparently faecal matter(ie poop).
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