Wednesday, 6 May 2015

A crown breaks down

No,not the English one where they have just acquired a 4th Reserve, but a very good Australian one which has been (mostly) in my mouth for about 40 years.  That will come later, but here is our camp at Clare on a cold morning.
The trees are  mainly River Red Gums Eucalyptus camaldulensis with nice cream flowers.  They were full of Lorikeets and Noisy Miners
We went for a stroll round an old part of Clare before departing.  While looking at the old pub I became aware of  a voice above me.  They seem to have a PA system - note below red arrow - giving people the news, whether they want it or not.
A very nice looking old pub.
A nice looking old bank, which to my amazement is still a bank.
About 1900 they had a brass band - looks a tad like the inspiration for Sgt Pepper.
More modern were these works installed on the house of an artist  (judging by the sign about a studio out back).
We then headed off South, calling in at Annies Lane Winery for some local product (being broad minded and this place having a Reisling reputation, the purchase was 3 white and 3 red).

At our next stop (Auburn) we found we had a hitchhiker.
Many of the gardens included a pepper tree (Schinus molle).
This shows the old PO, which is still a PO although privately owned, and the old courthouse and police station.
Here is a detail of the stonework on the courthouse.
Shortly after leaving Auburn my crown announced that it was ready to go somewhere else, so we rang the dentist we used in Adelaide years ago and made an appointment for that evening.  On to Adelaide.

At the northern edge this display of cherry pickers went well with the expressway overhead.  (We should have been up there but didn't know where it went!)
Here is our camp at Belair National Park
A notice in the main Park which talks about beer and bushfires.  Apparently once they stopped giving the firefighters beer the number of fires dropped dramatically.
When I returned from getting my fang fixed I snapped this Brush-tailed Possum in the adjoining trees.
There were several of them up there and they periodically woke us by swearing at each other.  Theer were also Sugar Gliders, which made a different screechy noise and sometime the Magpies would start carolling in the middle of the night.  Somehow that isn't as disturbing as morons making a noise (which didn't happen here in the night).

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