Thursday, 23 March 2017

You can't keep a good Photinia robusta down

In another forum I included a photo of a row of Photinia robusta growing on our secondary lawn, much like the one below.
We had decided to wait and see what happens with regrowth, but were not optimistic about those close to the camera.

Looking more closely today I found signs of regrowth in most of the bushes.

 This one looks really dead?
 Not so!!  Despite the pruning scar being brown and brittle it is pumping out some leaves.
 This one survived best: check the regrowth on the RHS.
What makes this even more pleasing is that last Winter our local Swampies browsed the daylights out of these shrubs and they had only just started to recover from that.  One tough species.

I am not genusist however.  Check out this scorched Melaleuca.  Gone for all money?
 Nope, just girding its loins!

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