Sunday, 5 March 2017

Clean up Carwoola 2017

I did my usual stretch on Captains Flat Road from Widgiewa to Briars Sharrow.  It was good to see the warning sign at the latter location (although most drivers seemed to travelling very sensibly).
 The most common fast food stuff today was a bit of a surprise as it was Red Rooster ...
 .. rather than Maccas.
I hope this is due to Maccas clients getting more aware rather then the franchise losing market share.  Perhaps its a side effect of the APVMA office in New England operating from a Maccas outlet before Barnaby builds them a new office?

Sticking with politics, the commonest beer was Great Northern ...
  ... most recently seen gracing the fist of our Prime Minister as he mingled with the masses in FNQ.

There were very few Energy Drink cans this year, whereas in the past they have been a dominant component.  The most entrants in this class were a return to traditional values on Red Bull.
 A few Coke cans were collected, but I have included this one for its position.  Rather than simply hurling it from the ute, some goose has stopped, stood the can up and left it there.  Wot a wally!
 The most surprising item was an alternator (I think).  Whatever it is it looks like something that would be fairly integral to the continued progress of the vehicle it came from.  Please explain?
 Here is the total heap.
Although I was using different sized bags this year, making a comparison difficult, my thinking is that there was slightly less crud this year than in the past.

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