Tuesday, 14 March 2017

More progress

The major item, in terms of making the block safe, today was the appearance of Guy from Climb-High Tree Services.  He came along to bonsai a tree which had developed a fair lean ...
 ...  and then had the base burnt about half through.  Apart from the risk of this landing on our heads I didn't want it falling on the new fence which is planned.
The ute was positioned ready for tugging if that was needed.  The pooch was in position to supervise proceedings!
 A new sense of getting a wedgie!
Tidy up.  Guy's subtending of the angle of the tree was perfect as the fence was completely undamaged,  He cut the tree up a bit as requested, but didn't have the time to block it completely.
 The next item was the appearance of Richard-the-sheds and Pat from A J Grant who needed to clarify some aspects of the shed work thats needed.

Then Paul from the Queanbeyan Çhainsaw shop appeared with my new ride-on mower!  I ask about ramps which he didn't need as the whole trailer tilts!
 Here's the mower in its home!


Murray Cameron said...

Glad to see your ecosystem is in recovery. We're getting hit with another 25cm of the white stuff today - my cat is totally pissed off!

Flabmeister said...


I'm sure you recall that I actually love snow! Sorry about your cat's feelings!

How do maples recover from fire? We have a couple in the garden and one, Japanese rather than a true variety,in a pot. They're looking a bit unhappy right now.