Thursday, 2 March 2017

Gazette Delivery Day

Today was the day for delivery of the latest edition of the Stoney Creek Gazette: a bumper edition with reports on the fire.  My intention was to deliver on my bicycle as I often do.  Then I looked at the radar ...
 .. and decided that Plan B - the Pajero - was the go.  (Earlier in the day I'd driven home through Queanbeyan in about the heaviest rain I'd ever driven in - but not a drop had fallen at home.)

By the time I'd got to the high point on my delivery run, looking across the North end of the Plain it was apparent that the radar hadn't lied.

I think I had to deliver to about half the houses that had been affected by the fire (and ~90% of my clients had been affected with at least 4 being total losses).  Most people's letterboxes had survived, but this one has been replaced by a plastic box (with a few rocks inside to hold it down).
 Another has acquired a new lid complete with sun logo.
 It seems to be the case about 50% of the time that Gazette day coincides with recycling bin collection day.  This is not an issue on my bike, but does get a tad awkward in the car.  In this case the objective of the image is showing the highly modified lid of the bin.
At the time of drafting this  we had received 5.8 very welcome mms.  We ended up with 9.8 mm both from the weather station and the plastic gauge.  This was enough to get the Creek running!

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