Friday, 3 March 2017

Progress report n+1

We have been slowly getting started on tidying up.  A couple of days ago I got an email from Capital Restorations, the firm implementing our contents claim that they had received approval from NRMA Insurance to take our destroyed stuff to the tip.

There was then a bit of messing around due to the tip's strange opening hours but we ended up with a time that suited us, Capital Restorations and the Transfer Station.  So today they turned up with a van and a trailer and started filling them.
 Here are some distinctly used shelves being fitted into the van.
 While picking up some things from the top shed we found two metal fittings which I recognised as coming from Falcon chairs.  Going back later I found a few more bits and concluded the rest had become part of a pool of molten metal.  An addition to the lost list.
 Also added was a tent, of which I recognised this sorry little remnant.
Its not all desperate.  This little skink climbed on to my gloves and seemed quite happy to stay there until I dropped him (or her) into some nice green vegetation

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