Friday, 10 March 2017

Trees in a wide black land

The grass is growing back again but much of the area - home of the protruding greywacke rock - is still pretty black.  Before getting to photos of trees and such like here are a couple of snaps of deranged person who has been doing pruning of dark shrubs.  The clothing is staying in a special spot and getting reworn - I think that when it gets washed it'll score a private immersion.  First front view ...
 .. and then the back to emphasise the colour of my arms!
The width of the black land is shown in this image put up  by the RFS at a Community Gathering.  The red dot is our house.
The next image shows the extent of the burn at various times.  The distance from point 1  to point 2 is about 2kms: the fire took 9 minutes to cover that - considerably less than I would take to run up that hill.  The fire would have been close to point 2 as I left.  Our house is at point 3 which I think the fire would have reached about 40 minutes later- burning downhill more slowly.
Leaving the history, on 9 March I wandered up to the top paddock to see how things are going.  In terms of the ground shoots of grass are poking up which will give some natural food for kangaroos.  (They have eaten some of the supplementary hay but there is still a bit there.)   I shall have to do some research into which trees are still green and which have browned off, but will repeat an image from the last post to highlight the contrast.  The skyline is effectively point 2 in the second map.
This tree - I think a Yellow Box (Eucalyptus meliodora) is definitely looking a tad singed but it is still vertical.
 Looking at the base of the stump I suspect that is a temporary situation, which will change when we get a strong Northerly wind (or if the canopy recovers and the light dry foliage is replaced by heavy green leaves).
Back in the wooded area this tree snapped off about 10m up.  I suspect there is some firewood in there but need to check carefully what is bearing weight before 'harvesting'.
Back at the house in the late afternoon, the light brown leaves contrasted with the clear blue sky.
 So did the trunk of this E. meliodora in the sun room bed photographed with the frame of the windows in front of it.
The moon also rose behind our great big tree.  Its a naff image of both moon and tree but I like the overall spooky effect !

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