Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Green is the new Black

I suspect that is a repeat of a Canturf sign, which is in itself a satire on a TV show.  However, there are signs of life in our garden and it needs recognition.

On 6 March we decided to do some tidy up in what we refer to as the sun room bed, since it is outside our sun room!  Part of this was removing a fence I had erected in a vain effort to keep the rabbits out.  As is often the case to do do step one (remove the fence) required completion of some earlier steps.  One of these was to remove the dead foliage from the Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia sp.).
 As I did so I noticed nice little green shoots coming up!
 These plants are quite a treasure since when they flower, typically in January ...
.... they are are visited by Honeyeaters, including our only sightings of New Holland Honeyeaters.

One of the particular disappointments caused by the fire was the burning of some pots containing our 'special' Irises.  However, at least one of them is putting forth some green shoots!
 Nearby, the zucchini plant continues to flower: we may get a few more fruit off them!
A bit deeper into the vegie garden some of the currant bushes have got a head of steam happening ...
as has the asparagus.
The behaviour of Whiskers Creek is strange.  After 9.8mm of rain on Thursday (2 March) it started to run, albeit it at a low level.  On Monday 6 March it suddenly rose to a heavy flow level, despite there not being any rain for about 18 hours.
No idea what has gone on there!

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