Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Weather September 2016

That is an image not a table!  I think the content is as it appeared in the Gazette.

There are a couple of issues this month.

The first is that as a result of Microsoft inflicting an upgrade on my main computer it no longer communicates with my weather station.  In the course of connecting the station to my backup computer I then managed to delete my data for the first three weeks of September so I have used temperature data for that period from Anthea's station.  I don't think that affects matters greatly but it does mean some data isn't available - so less graphs.

The second issue is that I am composing this at Mallacoota on my backup machine which doesn't have Excel on it so the first graph under temperature is based on Open Office and looks a bit strange.  But hopefully it gets the idea across.


For those who have been out of the area for September it could be summarised as very wet, recording 134mm with significant falls on 11 days.  
Not only was it well above average, but it was the highest September fall at my site - by 30mm over the previous maximum of 104mm in 2013.  Looking at the entire Carwoola series since 1984 this is only the third time we have recorded >100mm.

Much has been made in the media of the wettest Winter etc.  We have recorded the highest total for June - September (incl) at 425.6mm and the third highest year to date at 651.4mm:
  • In 2012 February and March were very wet giving a year to end-September of 699.9 (really: the software will not fudge 0.1mm to get to 700 even); and
  • For 1989 the damp early months were March and April giving a year to date of 676.7mm


The initial chart is a bit simpler than usual showing the maximum and minimum temperatures by date.
For a month with pretty constant cloud cover, even when it wasn't raining it is no surprise to find fairly stable and non-extreme temperatures.  The lack of extremes is shown by the very few frost days.
There was only one day below 0o
C (ie air frost), but in the past there have been several Septembers with only 2 or 3 air frosts.  However only recording 3 nights with the  minimum between +2oC and 0oC is way below the previous low count of 8 days.
In terms of average maximum this year September was below last year, itself below the average.
From the foregoing it will be no surprise to find that the average minimum was well above both last year and the average.

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