Friday, 21 October 2016

Art in Queanbeyan

I went for a run along the Queanbeyan River this morning, as I often do on a Friday.  Today I was running with my friends, as my usual companions on such a foray are currently overseas exploring art in places such as Lyon.

I was astonished to find that in the past week (ie since I last did the run) art has appeared on the pillars of the Queens bridge which takes Monaro St over the Quenabeyan River.  It is possible that I didn't notice it last week, but aforementioned companions are pretty good observers.  So my best bet is that Mike Shankster is not only a good muralist but also a very fast one.  He is sort-of local, being apparently based in Jindabyne.  Anyway here is his work, starting from the one furthest up the bank and moving down towards the River:

This isn't Mike's work but is nearby and rather pleasing, especially given that the weir area is a top platypus spotting area.

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