Friday, 28 October 2016

Queanbeyan: THE Centre for art on the riverbank

I set off for a run in Queanbeyan today and as seems to be a developing tradition - yes, I know the Committee has to rule on that, but if people go off on overseas trips .. - met some great art under the Queens Bridge.  This is part of a Festival put on by the Council each year.

Fantasmagoricavian Feast by Deidre Oliver: illustrating diversity.
 Effects of Climate Change by Mia Glenn.  Showing the effects of climate change on penguins.  I'm unclear if the stubbies are part of the work or not!
 Carpflute by Tom Buckland.  Made out of abandoned corflutes from the ACT election.  The card compares introduced Carp and introduced politicians!
 The Brolgas by Bob Teasdale with the works to upgrade the Riverside in the background.
 River Culture by Gregory Ross McLean: the two river residents are used to bring the steel to life.
 A very wordy title for a work by Stephen Harrison about literary allusions and veganism (I think).  The conclusion is that the horse-man might just be having a quiet snooze by the river.
Panacea dogs by Sian Watson.  I really like the work, and the admonishment to not sit on the dogs, but couldn't make much sense out of the artist statement.  According to Canberra Times coverage this won the prize.  It was interesting to see that Tammy looked at one of the dogs and immediately went to sniff its bum: the artist clearly captured the look of dog!
This work is apparently based on the wires from champagne corks for the trap and soda bottle tops to decorate the fish!

While taking my snaps (with my phone) the duty volunteer came across and said I didn't look much like Mike Kelly.  It turns out he also worked for Mike at the last election!  I obfuscate others faces so have done the same for myself!
The inspiration for this run was a young friend's run up Mont Ventoux.  It had stretches of slope at 15.0%.  As shown here, this run had the same digits, possibly in a different order, averaging out at about 0.15%.
The following day, when  took Frances to see the sculptures, the festival was getting going with many boats about to be launched.

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