Thursday, 6 October 2016

Mallacoota October 2016 (pt 5)

A pretty quiet day to my surprise.

A fairly clear sunrise ...
 .. followed a fairly weird photo once the sun got up a bit.  It looks a bit like the sort of thing early explorers talked about with "a brassy sun pouring down heat on the porters."  It only got to about 25C today.
 Despite the foregoing it was actually cool when we started the dog walk.  So misty over in Nadgee, on the far side of the Inlet.
 We went to the Gun Club behind the airport which was more accessible after a couple of dry days.  I don't recall having recorded a Pallid Cuckoo at Mallacoota before.
At the end of the day we revisited Captain Stephenson's Point where a large flock of Crested Terns were evident.
There were also several waders out in the water, in contrast to the almost complete absence of waterbirds when we visited Bastion Point in the middle of the day. 9 Pied Oystercatchers and 3 Eastern Curlew were particularly pleasing to see.

This is the front of the aberrant Diuris suphurea of  which we found several specimens out the back of the airport ... .
 ,,, and here is the back without any trace of the usual brown spots.
I believe this to be D. maculata.  Interestingly, despite "maculata " meaning "spotted" this species has no spots!
 This is my first photo of Stackhousia monogyna for the season.

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