Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Tawny Frogmouth chick emerges

It is now 13 days since I think the Tawny Frogmouth eggs hatched.  The chicks have quite wisely avoided what passes for Spring weather by lurking under Dad ever since.  On Thursday last at 20:00 I saw two chicks in the nest while both parents were elsewhere, presumably annoying frogs.

This morning for the first time I spotted a wriggler come out from under Dad.  There are distinct advantages to being able to see into the nest while sitting at my computer.
 As the distance - not to mention trying to snag an image through a window - is a bit of a challenge for my camera I went to sneak round closer to the nest.  If you know what you're looking at the shape of the chicks head is just visible in this image.
 That's a better snap.
On the morning of 25 October both chicks were sort-of visible under Dad.
I have outlined the two to make them more visible (I knew they were there as Ihave my telescope aimed at the nest).

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Jeni from Northern Rivers Dreaming said...

We are deeply envious, we've not seen our tawnys for a couple of seasons now.

Thank you for the photos!