Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mallacoota October 2016 (pt 2)

Things are getting a bit away from me - too many other things to report on - so this is a tad delayed.  However, here we go.

On our morning dog walk we spotted this lady propelling here canoe by some means related to her feet pumping pedals.  I was also intrigued by a spaniel wearing a PFD but our friends also have them for their dogs.  Apart from making life easier for the dogs when they immerse it makes it easier to haul them back into the canoe!
 Later in the day we came across the canoe equivalent of a peleton.  I assumed it was a school group but they were in fact of my venerable age.  Well done, those old buggers.
I tried to photograph a Whistling Kite in flight but they glide too fast.  It was easier to get a snap when one perched!
 Ducklings were evident at the water recycling plant.
Cygnets were apparently on the way!
 I have concluded this is a Mountain Dragon.
 In the heaths Patersonia sp. (or in fact spps) is very evident at present.
 A large Boronia sp.
 I am fairly confident this is Hybanthus monopetalus.
 I will go no further than Leptospermum sp.  It is to be commended for the vast amount of blossom it is adding to the heath at present.
 Our first Thysanotus (?) tuberosus of the season.
 A more open Thelymitra carnea.  There were also a heap of T. ixioides under the power lines, but yesterdays snap was good enough.
Diuris pardina
 This is surely a Diuris, but I can't find an all-yellow one with this shape.  Help!  As always  Jean has been helpful in suggesting an uncommon form of D. sulphurea, lacking the brown spots on the dorsal sepal.  We couldn't pick the faintest shade of brown anywhere, including on a second visit.
 Dipodium sp.
A leek orchid (I have been advised that this is Prasophyllum elatum) of large dimension.  Perhaps 40cm tall.
 Masses of flowers, very much crowded.  Suggestions welcome.

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