What do animals eat

Frances and I went to the National Zoo and Aquarium yesterday.  (Without Small Person so that we could have a relaxed look at the animals, and Frances could do some sketching.)  It seems that getting there at 11am was a good thing. as many of the denizens were munching.

Spider monkeys eat fruit.
 Otters eat prawns.
 Lions eat meat.
 I recall the Safari Park at Two Wells SA used to have a sign which read "Lions eat meat.  What are you made of?  Stay in your car!"  (They had another sign saying "Admission $10 per car.  Poms on bicycles free." but that was judged racist and they had to take it down.  As a Pom I'd have to say that was a stupid decision.)

Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroos eat vegetation.
 Giraffes eat Acacias (even if their natural nosh is now in a different genus).
 Because the tall item was so close I was able to get a close-up of its eyelashes
 Ring-tailed Lemurs eat fruit.

 They also huddle to form a Lemur-ball to keep warm.
 The Meercats weren't eating but did look very cute.

After our time in Yungaburra  Bush Stone Curlews were  not a novelty but seeing one this close to a Tawny Frogmouth was unusual.  (So was seeing the Frogmouth roosting on a rock: its partner was on a nearby branch.)
 I tried taking photos in the Aquarium but they didn't come out well.  I think it was mainly due to a combo of low light and fast moving fish.  This lurid little beast was relatively static.
Getting back to the subject of this post, we all know what dingoes eat!  But presumably this pair are well disciplined so the pusher:infant ratio remained as it was.
The one on the left came and gave my hand a good sniffing which I thought may cause some excitement when a somewhat smaller canine got to greet us on returning home.  However she completely ignored the evidence of strangers.


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