On the road again

No, we are not travelling, but the common feature of the subjects of this post is things we found on the road this morning as we went for our dog walk.  WARNING: the 4th image is of a two-dimensional frog. Do not look at while eating.  On thinking about it, the first 3 are of turds, so possibly don't accompany nosh too well either.

As we crossed our ford I noticed a lot (~50) of cylindrical things scattered about.  This image has about 1/3rd of them, ringed for emphasis.
 Here is a close up of one of them: its about 1cm long.
The outer casing was quite firm and I wondered if it was scat or seed.  On poking it with a twig, the interior was fairly unstructured, like well-digested vegetation.
 So I concluded it was a scat and from its location under a tree thought possum was likely.  A quick call to Uncle Google came up with a very helpful page from the ABC, which pointed the finger (hopefully wearing latex) at Brush-tailed Possums.  I shall wander down tonight with a headlamp and my camera.  (And a hat!)

The night time meanderings revealed no arboreal marsupials.  However about 10 days later another series of deposits appeared on the concrete.
I am unsure why the structure of this lot is so different to the scattered single items before.  Is this a much larger beastie or just one that has recently relieved a serious constipation problem?

Further on we came across several sad sights like this.
I presume the answer to the question "Why did the Spotted Grass Frog try to cross the road?" would be "Because its gonads, driven by the noises from a dam on the other side,  told it to."


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