Wednesday, 21 September 2016

There was still rain waiting to fall!

This morning COG went for a walk around West Belconnen Pond.  We found 34 taxa- which I thought pretty good as it was raining more or less throughout the walk.  It was noticeable that the pond was overflowing:
The red arrow highlights the water pouring into the outlet and the green arrow to the walkway which is under several cm of water!

Driving home all the paddocks along Captains Flat Rd had standing water.  To my surprise our ford was not under water at 11:30.

At 1330 the rain seemed to have stopped so I went out to see what was going on.  We had got a drain put in to divert water than runs down the drive around the house block.  It was working well this morning.  Here it is at the top of the drain ...
 .. and here, beyond the house block, is the runoff where the flow has been augmented by some overflow from the dam.
 This is the main lot of outflow from the dam: note the state of the Creek in the background.
 Here is the Creek at the ford.  Both pipes running well and just a small amount going over the road.
 A few daffodils doing an impression of flag irises!
I also went to count my orchids.  The Cyanicula numbers are holding up well, and I now know that some of the flowers have lasted for close to 3 weeks which I find very impressive.

However the big news is that the first flowers of Glossodia major (the Waxlip Orchid) have appeared: a few days earlier than the last couple of years.
The stopping of rain about 1330 was an illusion.  We had scored another 6mm (for a total for the day of 29.4mm) by 1546 when the 64km BoM radar looked like this.  The red X gives the approximate position of our house.

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