Thursday, 22 September 2016

The zoo - again!

Having renewed our membership at the National Zoo and Aquarium we rocked in again today.  The snaps begin with more or less comatose animals.

These lions were snapped because we had never seen them on top of the shade-house before.  We thought they were up there hoping to lie in any sunshine that became available.
 Ditto the tiger.  I kept the shadowy metal bars in as some sort of contrast.
 I think this is about as close to still as Ring-tailed Lemurs get.
 With the addition of some clean straw in their pen the spotted Hyenas looked very nice.  So different to usual disgusting state in the wild.
 As they were close to the viewing window in the Aquarium I could get a real close up.
Earlier I had got a snap of it heading towards the window.  It didn't actually pay any attention to the kid: sleep was on its mind.
The tiger jumped off the table when it saw a quad bike whizz by.  Obviously that is how their food gets delivered.  I was experimenting a bit with manual focus - this one worked..
 You want a gremlin?  Try a Cotton-top Tamarind!
 The Black and White Ruffed lemurs were very acrobatic.

 The Meercats were as always cute.

 It seems that manual focus is the way to go for fish.

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