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Friday, 2 September 2016

Weather August 2016


  1. The above is an image: click to enlarge it.
  2. There was a tad more rain after I sent the report to the Gazette.

August is the last month of Winter, as the BoM regard it.  I received an interesting question about Winter rainfall (discussed in the context of it always seeming to rain on Wednesdays, when an ANPS outing was scheduled).  Thus I feel provoked to do a summary of the season, in a separate post to be published soon.

Before getting on to the details of the weather. on 19 August I was struck by this radar image, which clearly showed a Front coming through:
The equivalent Doppler image is aso interesting in showing the very strong winds right along the front (but coming North-South rather than East West):
My summary of the month's weather is that it was pretty close to an average August; reasonable rain and chilly, but not disgustingly cold.


After the deluge of June and well above average fall in July, August was spot on my average recorded since 2007.
We recorded non-trivial precipitation on 9 days, spread pretty well through the month.


As usual the top of the green lines is the maximum and the bottom the minimum.  The red boxes show the temperature was warmer at 11pm than at 1am and the blue boxes the opposite.
 In essence the month seems to have had a couple of periods of slowly warming up, followed by a short sharp drop to remind folk it is still Winter.

Maximum temperatures were a tad up on last year, but almost on the longer term average.
The situation with the minimum temperature is the opposite: a fair bit up n the long term average for the month, but a tad cooler than last year.


There is not really a lot to say about this attribute of the month.  It was humid on the rainy days and less so on the dry days! In comparison to the longer term averages the value for August was almost on the average, but a bit less than last year.


Rather a month of two halves with quite a few windy days in the beginning, calmer later, but building up again in the last couple of days.
In terms of longer term measures the month was again less extreme than the previous 2 and close to average.

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