Monday, 12 September 2016

Spring staggers on

Despite an overnight low of 0oC today felt like Spring with light wind and a largely clear sky.  The maximum was 16oC - which would get everyone at Yungaburra reaching for fur-lined items but isn't that far off our September average maximum of 17.3oC.  So a few Spring like things were seen and shall be shared with you.

As I was going up to count the Cyanicula this morning (118 flowers - last year max 46 - 2014 max 84) I noticed one of  the Striated Pardalotes that are nesting in the ceiling of my tool shed calling from a perch outside.

 While doing a little work in the vegie garden I noticed that a couple of the fruit trees have got some flowers.  This is a peach tree ...
 .. and this a plum.
 A little later I went out for a prowl to see what was around and turned over a few rocks.  Mostly what I found were ants of various colours.  They seemed a bit grumpy so I replaced the rock and left hurriedly.  Eventually I found a small reptile ...

.. and on consulting what is usually referred to as "Ross Bennett's book" both its appearance and behaviour fitted the 3-toed Skink Hemiergis decresiensis.

On 13/9 I went for a prowl, and noticed flowers on the Oregon grape (which seems thus far to be unattractive to the Swamp Wallaby).
As I wandered I turned over a few rocks and found a Common Dwarf Skink (Menetia greyii)..
 ... which ID I come to because I think it had 4 fingers ...
.. and 5 toes.

Turning over a few more rocks I found an attractive centipede (1 pair of legs per segment).
I could pass analogies with some politicians but that would be rude to the arthropod.

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