Thursday, 9 June 2016

The trip home

All good things come to an end and so it was with our trip to Mallacoota.  Even though we spent two days pretty much confined to the house it was very interesting to be there through this event.

As is out tradition for a last day, we did the short walk to Bucklands Boat Hire this morning.  This gave us a Lake level view of the sunrise.
 As we moved along we met two very large German Shepherds, which we have come across several times before, being led by a woman.  They have been very well behaved.  Today they were under control of a bloke and when we met hime again mentioned that they are usually with a woman.  He explained that she was away  so he had the duty.  The dogs were still brilliantly obedient.

Bird of the day was Wonga Pigeon.  In BaD terms a code 1 means you give up your bins if you don't see one.  In the case of a Wonga Pigeon you don't just give up your bins, you trade them in for a cochlear transplant as their call is a constant of the Mallacoota soundscape.

After the usual packing and tidying we hit the road at about 1010.  Our first stop was the floodplain at Genoa which was rather well supplied with water.  Also a few birds with a pair of Whistling Kites and 5 Shelduck the most interesting.
 We decided not to stop at Imlay Creek but then noticed it was running rather well so turned and swung in.  I have seen it with more water, but that was a wet year.
The rest of the drive was basically a pleasant drive in nice sunshine until we got to the ACT where it started to drizzle.  I had been a tad worried about what we might find in the way of our drive, but everything was in great shape.  Obviously the Creek had gone over but no residual damage.

I shall do a blog shortly about the storm in this area.

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