Sunday, 5 June 2016

Also East Gippsland!

It was a dark and stormy night.  (The ' also' in the title refers to the title of yesterday's post!)

Surprisingly, everything had calmed down by 0400 and was still that way when we went for a walk with Tammy at 0700.  A couple of branches ...
...had fallen across the bike path we walk on, and the decks of the small jetties had got closer to the water,
...  but otherwise no biggie.  (I must confess that photo came from later, and further up the Inlet:  I was most surprised to see the Jetty on the far side: I had never noticed it before.)  Just after the fallen tree a small brown pigeon appeared: as far as I could determine it was an immature Emerald Dove - the first eBird record for this area.  Bingo, Bird of the Day and a code 6.

We wimped out at 3km when the rain started to get more serious.  On returning at 0830 we had had a further 27mm of rain overnight (I'd have thought more).  There seems to be more precipitation likely.
As the system is moving SW it seems likely that Mallacoota will miss the worst of it.  Incidentally Canberra Airport only recorded 2.6mm yesterday: perhaps they forgot to take the lid off the gauge?
Surely the people who run Canberra Airport wouldn't be that daft: no, no I mean it!

The view was interesting, because it is so different to usual.
At mid-morning we went for a drive to see what could seen.   The breakwater was breaking water, but there were no fisherpersons taking advantage thereof.  Wot a bunch of wimps.
 Ditto at the town ramp where the various signs made an attractive display through the rain.
Out at the boat hire area a good number of roos were having a graze.  This photo was taken about 1030: notice the bank in the background!
Back home the magnificent pendulent gum has flowered again.
When we looked at the roos in the morning there were many smallish birds flitting about.  So I went back later in a lull in the downpour (and the Pajero) with my scope.  They turned out to be Yellow-faced Honeyeaters (which I would have expected to have migrated North by now).  I hope you remembered my guidance to look at the grassy bank.  By 1530 it was a tad damp!

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