Tuesday, 21 June 2016

An aftermath

We seemed to pick up 24mm of rain from the storm that arrived yesterday.  As the media reports have said, everywhere was sodden from the big low pressure system 2 weeks ago so there has been lots of run off.

That of course leads to mist, as seen here behind our big Yellow Box, with the sun trying to break through.
The house dam is a complete brimmer with water still running in one end and out the other.  Note the little blob in the bottom centre.
That is the knob on the hilt of the sword embedded in the pond.  Three weeks ago about 90cm of blade was also visible.
At the top of the block the view towards Balcombe Hill was very picturesque.  This also shows the water in our top dam, which is in fact over full ...
 ... as evidenced by the run off into Canyon Creek.
 That Creek was also getting plenty of liquid running down from Taliesin Station.
 Here is the flow through the Canyon (OK, at 3m deep x 5m wide x 50m long "canyon" is a bit of an exaggeration).
 Whiskers Creek seems not to have gone over the crossing, but both pipes were running well this morning.
 The same applies to the Queanbeyan River at the Morrisset St bridge.
 Here is the weir.
 Finally a couple of snaps of the Molonglo going over the low-level crossing on Briars Sharrow Rd.  I was pleased to see this guy turn and go back.  I don't think he would have made it.
 The black lump was a worry but I decided it was a lump of tree, not a dead cow!
 The bird of the morning walk was a Grey Currawong - a much nicer species than the Pied monsters!

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