Thursday, 23 June 2016

A couple of observations about the Australian elections

The first is the current market for Eden-Monaro (our electorate) from Sportsbet.
Noting that when they first fielded, both candidates for the 2 biggies were at $1.87, I reckon a few folk have punted their superannuation funds on Mike Kelly.

However I am conscious that there is still over a week to go!

My second obsevation is that our landline rang this evening as I was watching the TV news.  I expected this to be someone with a South Asian accent trying to sell me an investment (unlikely to have a better payout than Sportsbet) or someone with a South Asian accent trying to get me to give them access to my computer.  In fact it was worse: the call began "Hello I'm Julie Bishop and I want to ....".  I guess she didn't want to offer investments or fix my computer but as I'd hung up I will never know.

However, if I had been thinking about voting for the Liberal candidate - and the odds on that are worse than those offered above by Sportsbet for the Animal Justice Party - getting a cold call from a recording would have resolved that matter in the negative!

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