Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A cool morning

We had arranged to go for a family walk in Canberra this morning and even though it was only -4oC we headed off.  As we drove in to Queanbeyan it was still -2.5oC when we got to the road 'works'.  (At least the bogans were present this morning, although opening a thermos seemed to be the main activity.)

On getting to the objective of the walk (the Boundless Playground) it was still very cold, with a good serve of hoar frost on parts of the equipment.
Some comments were made about feeling cold so a fleece was transferred across a couple of generations.
Near the playground is the Workers Memorial.  This obviously doesn't apply to anybody involved in the project on Captains Flat Road since they are not dead (the usual requirement for a Memorial) and are rarely observed working.
 The Carillion with a misty Lake to the right.
 More misty Lake.
 Several years ago I was involved in organising a cycle race in which the recumbent riders got bolshy as they didn't have an event.  So one was added to the event and the (then) cycling columnist for the Canberra Times annoyed them by referring to it as a 'novelty event'.  So here we have a novelty cyclist!

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