Sunday, 19 June 2016

Awaiting the next downpour

Today (19 June) was forecast to be damp again.  I'll note in passing that in the Carwoola area this month has already achieved the most rain recorded since community recording began in 1983!

I was getting fed up with sitting indoors waiting for it to start so thought I'd go for a stroll up the block to see if I could find some fungus for Frances to draw.  When I got back near the house I noticed spots on the rather full dam, and on getting to my computer found a half full radar.
I think that counts as just in time!

No Agaric or Bolete fungi were found, in a walk of about 2km.  Not even Omphalina chromacea, although that may have refused to fruit in protest about the forces of evil - you do remember taxonomists don't you - apparently renaming it to the genus Lichenomphalia!  However right at the start I did find some paint fungus on a fallen log.
 On the homeward leg I noticed that a stringybark had self-bonsaied.  Memo to self: that needs a little pruning.
Noticing the fungus on the fallen part I found a matching deposit on that which had remained upright.  I wold be surprised if this was not largely responsible for the descent.
 I was hoping to find a Bird of Day which I did in the form of an Australian Raven.  Things are getting grim!  Much less grim - unless you are a small invertebrate was this very spiffy male Scarlet Robin.
If Australia really wished to have a good citizenship they could include the question "which of these birds is more Robin-like?" and include the images above and below.
Anyone that nominates the latter bird gets a free ticket back to Brum (ie Birmingham UK, and nothing to do with a Danish word apparently meaning 'bud')

By 1550 we had received 4.2mm and the radar was about 80% full.
A little later, with 9mm in the gauge, it looked though the centre was passing by.

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