Tuesday, 21 June 2016

A morning in the life

Sorry about the generic title but this post covers a few things that mainly happened before noon.

The first of these was going for our usual dog walk and noticing the sun rising behind clouds giving a nice effect.  The reflection in our neighbour's dam was also quite scenic.
 As we were returning, about 400m from Captains Flat Rd, Frances noticed these Amanita muscaria growing near some pines.  They are the first I have noticed this year, although the timing is about normal.  Presumably good rain and somewhat warmer weather has induced fruiting.
Rain has also left this pool of water near a new driveway.  It covers the concept of a 'witch pool' rather well, although I suspect no-one, witch or otherwise, would like to be dunked in water with the apparent temperature today.  Very strong winds so it felt very cold, even though the actual temperature wasn't that low.
The wind largely left people's placard stands erect, although the Liberals did give up on keeping their tall ones standing.
 There was a lot of chatting today amongst the handers-out.  These two were both good value, althiough I reckoned it was a bit rough wearing fur trim while standing alongside ....
 ... the guy from ...
There was quite a crowd of volunteers.  At one stage I counted 6 people supporting Mike and theere might have been more.
 A steady steam of punters came through.  I reckon I handed out close to 40 leaflets in my 2 hours and many of the voters were 'looked after' by others.

As I walked back to pick up the Pajero from its visit to the wheel alignment place I noticed a lot of folk preparing to play lawn bowls.  Very brave at these temperatures.
Some folk from Mike Kelly's Office had dropped off a poster at home so I have installed it on a fence.

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