Friday, 20 May 2016

Election updates

I'm sorry but this will be another low-photo post: at least it is saving your download limit.

In my previous post about the forthcoming National election I said (inter alia):
"Also any time the Monk, George Brandis or Peter Dutton open their mouths a PR disaster is likely to emerge. "
  • The Monk has thus far been very quiet.  
  • However Peter Dutton has got his name in the media with some comments about migrants  that even by his low standard are daft.  I note that the lovely ACT Senator Zed Seselja is in the background of the snap in that article - had the ACT Greens selected a good candidate he'd be toast.
  • George Brandis has also thus far been quiet.  However Í'd have thought the Attorney-General was the Portfolio Minister for the AFP. They - the cops - have decided to display their independence from the Government (and both reality and common sense) by raiding an ALP politicians house (apparently accompanied by some one from NBNCo) in the middle of an election campaign. I suspect this tale has still got many legs.  
I am astonished that Centrebet are still offering $3.80 on the ALP and a mere $1.25 on the Coalition.  My thoughts are that the price on the ALP is very attractive, and my pension fund is just sitting there, waiting for Malcolm Turnbull and Scot Morrison to gut it.  The news in this story would also suggest those odds are good value.

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