Sunday, 1 May 2016

April 2016 updates

Apart from being picturesque these condensation trails are included so I can mention my intrigue about the direction involved.  I usually reckon to have a good sense of direction but with these aircraft I always seem to get where they are coming from and going to wrong.I know that Tallaganda is to the East of us so these planes are coming from Sydney, and going to Melbourne.  This explains why they are up at cruising altitude rather than starting to descend as they would be if going into Sydney!

The rest of this is my customary catch up post where I have added or corrected stuff which may be of interest.

This Blog

  • Some images of a Pobblebonk have been added to the post labelled "Mainly Butterflies"
  • More animals were seen in the ploughed field and an error in my Bird a Day efforts was remedied
  • The story of the folding Joey has been augmented by some photos taken later.
  • Quite a few more images have been added to the Autumnal snaps.
  • A day after publishing my electoral comments it had to get updated.  I suspect this will happen again in the remaining 4 days of the month! 

Other Blogs

I'll close with an image from the back window of a car in Queanbeyan.  No further comment needed.

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